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Alex Rodriguez Proposed To Jennifer Lopez (Again) Mid-Workout

We can't handle it!

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have proved once again that they are relationship goals. Besides sharing a video of their couple workout, they captured a cute moment on camera when Alex proposed to his already-fiance – you know, just to be sure she’s still keen.

In the Instagram video, the two of them were in the gym, working out on weight machines. They shared high fives in between reps and were all-round as adorable as ever. 

While Jen was on one of the machines, Alex popped round the corner with a glitter-covered cup in his hands. On the cup were the words ‘Marry Me’. As he presented her the cup he asked, ‘Marry me?’ in a total casual yet ultra sweet proposal. 

Naturally, she said yes. 

Watch the video here.

The ‘Marry Me’ on the cup is actually in reference to Jen’s upcoming movie. Jennifer has become known for carrying a reusable rhinestone-covered cup on set . 

“Every single day I carry around my blingy cup that was given to me for my birthday a couple years ago,” she told Vanity Fair.

“Now, I make one for every single shoot I’m on. So I have my Hustlers blingy cup.” She also gifted her Hustlers co-stars with their own “blingy cups”.

There’s also been a lot of speculation over what is actually in the cup. “It’s just water in there,” Jen assures us.

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