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The Internet Loses It Over Alexander Skarsgard’s Penis Scene In ‘Big Little Lies’

FYI this is definitely #NSFW

As the story continues to heat up in Big Little Lies, and the drama and tension between the characters reaches fever pitch, viewers were left with some serious, and well some not so serious questions after last night’s episode titled ‘Burning Love’.

We finally saw Celeste take the first steps towards leaving Perry, and learned what Abigail’s secret project is. We saw Madeline’s controversial play Avenue Q hit the stage, and we saw Jane and Renata work on mending fences.

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But there was one question that has been flooding social media after the episode aired, and it’s ahem, a big one.

When Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) tried to pressure wife Celeste into having sex when she is running late. When he won’t take no for an answer, she grabs whatever she can find, a tennis racket, and clocks him right in the penis.

And fans are dying to know, if it was real or a prosthetic.

If it was indeed real, it’s not the first time the Swedish actor has bared-all on TV, with the 40-year-old star previously stripping down for the season six finale of True Blood.

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