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Alexis Bledel Is Returning To TV With This Exciting New Role

And it is quite different from Gilmore Girls!

Alexis Bledel captured the hearts of many when she returned as Rory in the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix last year, but now she’s taking on a challenging new role.

She recently revealed that she will be playing a supporting role in Hulu’s TV series adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s iconic speculative fiction novel, The Handmaid’s Tale (1985).

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For those who haven’t read the novel, it is devastatingly bleak, set in a world where women are entirely subjugated to men – as mothers, wives and servants. It follows a woman called Offred (literally ‘Of-Fred’) who serves as a ‘handmaid’, a woman who is designated to different men when required for reproductive purposes.

The novel explores the ways that women take agency and rebel against their lack of rights, following the illegal affair between Offred and the man she is designated to.

In the TV series adaptation, Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) is set to play Offred, while Alexis Bledel will be playing Ofglen, a fellow handmaid who develops a complex relationship with Offred while the affair is going on.

Here’s the first look at her costume in the show…

The series will premiere April 26 on Hulu in the US.

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