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Did Ali Oetjen’s Cousin Just Reveal Who Wins ‘The Bachelorette Australia’?

All bets are off

With leaked photos of (former) contestant, Bill Goldsmith enjoying his time on the Bachelor in Paradise set emerging yesterday – pre-empting last night’s eviction – the question remains: who will steal Ali O’s heart on this season of The Bachelorette Australia?

As tends to be the case with reality television, the Internet is currently rife with speculation about who will take out the top prize (of love) or if Ali will pick anyone at all – à la Nick Cummins.

The most recent theory suggests that contestant Todd King is the winner, and the source of truth is Ali’s cousins Instagram account.  

Ali cousin
Bianca (in the yellow) appeared on the show with Ali’s pal Jess (R). (Credit: Ten)

According to various internet sleuths, King is the only bachelorette contestant who follows Ali’s cousin Bianca on the social media platform – suggesting the seeker-of-love is ‘in’ with the Bachelorette’s family. Granted, Bianca did meet the entire cast during her stint on the show earlier in the season – is this just an innocent friendship?

While on the show, Bianca did sing Todd’s praises.

“Todd, he was lovely and seems really genuine,” she said.

And while we can never be too sure on how it will end (thanks Nick), we will be watching to see how this plays out.

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