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Alicia Vikander And Emma Stone Are Set To Play Agatha Christie

Who's a fan of murder mysteries?

Alicia Vikander and Emma Stone are both currently in talks to play famous murder mystery writer Agatha Christie with separate film studios – Paramount and Sony.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film studios are developing two different biopics of Agatha Christie’s life – one focusing on Christie as a ‘proto-feminist’ before she wrote her famous murder mysteries (set to star Alicia Vikander), and the other looking at the eleven days the author went missing in 1926 (set to star Emma Stone).

But these aren’t the only movies related to the best-selling author of all time. Fox is currently developing Orient Express, based on the Agatha Christie novel called Murder on the Orient Express, and Angelina Jolie is currently in talks to star in it. 

Even this movie took seven years to get approval from the Christie estate, so we don’t expect we will be seeing the new Agatha Christie biopics in the very near future, but we can’t wait nonetheless!

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