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Amber Heard Releases More Photos Of Alleged Abuse Claims

She has also kept text messages from Johnny Depp's assistant as evidence.

Amber Heard has recently submitted new photos of abuse as evidence of another incident with Johnny Depp that occurred last year where she feared for her life.

PEOPLE has published the new photos, detailing her allegations of abuse. The new photos come from the incident that allegedly occurred December 2015 and resulted in a bruised eye and cut lip.

See the photos on PEOPLE here.

Johnny Depp’s rep has not yet commented on the new photos, however Depp’s divorce lawyer has stated that Amber Heard is “attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.” 

Currently, Amber Heard has detailed two other incidents of domestic abuse. She refers to an incident after her 30th birthday party in which he grabbed her hair and ‘violently’ shoved her to the floor. She also referred to another incident in May in which he threw a mobile phone at her, which hit her face.

The LAPD have mentioned to PEOPLE that there was ‘no evidence of any crime’ when she called 911 to report an incident on May 21.

Most recently, Amber Heard has also released text messages with Johnny Depp’s assistant Stephen Deuters as evidence that something wasn’t right.

“He was appalled,” Stephen wrote. “When I told him he kicked you, he cried. It was disgusting. And he knows it.”

“He’s a little lost boy. And needs all the help he can get,” Stephen also wrote. “He is so very sorry, as he should be.”

See the full text message series here.

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