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“People Need To Stop Killing Each Other”

This six-year-old boy’s plea to end gun violence is going viral

American kindergarten student Jeffrey Laney has a simple yet serious message for the adults in his life: “people need to stop killing each other”.

The 6-year-old from St. Louis has desperately pleaded for an end to all gun violence in a video filmed by his mother.

“People need to stop killing each other around here because this is just making me feel bad,” Jeffrey explains in the video. “I’m really serious. I’m really scared to die, and I’m really scared for my family to die. I’m scared.”

In the four-minute-and-20-second clip, Jeffrey acknowledges that he is too young to know about the horrifying prevalence of gun violence in America.

“I’m not supposed to know about all these guns,” he says. “I know about all bad stuff. I’m supposed to be learning about school.”

The video was posted on Facebook last week and has since gone viral, amassing over 177,000 views.

His mother Leanndra Cheatham told CNN that gun violence hit close to home for Jeffrey and her family. Leanndra’s 16-year-old cousin was shot to death outside of his school last month.

She said if her son’s video “changes the mind of a few or even if it’s just one person,” it will be “a job well done.”

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