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Andy Lee is back on the market

The comedian has confirmed his split from Rebecca Harding

Ladies, it’s official: Andy Lee is single!

Lee – who is one half of comedic duo Hamish & Andy – confirmed the sad news on his radio show on Friday. “Bec and I broke up a little while ago,” he said.

How did the conversation come up? Well, Lee and his co-host Hamish Blake were discussing the ‘slug’. For those playing at home, the ‘slug’ is when you let your tongue go limp in your partner’s mouth while you’re kissing them, before pulling away and saying, “you’ve been slugged.”

(Disclaimer: The ‘slug’ was *probably* invented by Hamish & Andy and it is *definitely* disgusting.)

Lee explained to listeners that he didn’t have to worry about being slugged, due to his newfound single status. “I am worried about you because you know that Bec and I broke up a little while ago,” he told Blake. “And so she was the only one that was going to slug me.”

While it is sad that Lee and Harding have decided to part ways, the silver lining is that he doesn’t have to worry about being ‘slugged’ anymore. Even Stevens?  

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