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‘Bling Empire’ Star Anna Shay Has Died, Aged 62

“There’s no one like Anna Shay.”

Anna Shay, who appeared in Netflix’s Bling Empire has died aged 62, after suffering from a stroke.

Her family released a statement to Variety confirming the news, writing: 

“It saddens our hearts to announce that Anna Shay, a loving mother, grandmother, charismatic star, and our brightest ray of sunshine, has passed away at the early age of 62 from a stroke. Anna taught us many life lessons on how not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the finer things. Her impact on our lives will be forever missed but never forgotten.”

Anna Shay with ‘Bling Empire’ co stars, Kim Lee and Dorothy Wang. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Fellow Bling Empire star Kim Lee also shared a statement with the publication, saying, “This is such a huge shock. I have so much love for Anna. I know that we had issues on the show but in real life, I had such a great connection with her outside of the show.

“We saw eye to eye, and she gave me so many words of wisdom I will never forget. There’s no one like Anna Shay; she’s an incredible and unique person who was beloved by so many people. My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.”

Shay began appearing on Bling Empire in 2021, after she and her brother sold their late father’s company, Pacific Architects and Engineers, making them heirs to their family’s fortune.

Anna Shay. (Credit: Image: Getty)

The show follows extremely wealthy Asian and Asian American families in Los Angeles, with Shay appearing alongside Kane Lim, Gabriel and Christine Chiu, Kim Lee, and Jaime Xie.

Another co-star, Kevin Kreider, paid tribute to the late star on Instagram, writing, “You never know when your last goodbye will be. So unexpected and wished when I saw you last for lunch I would have taken a moment to smell the roses and had one last adventure with you.”

Shay is survived by her son, Kenny Kemp.

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