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Celine Dion Hit With New Cancer Tragedy

Her brother-in-law has been diagnosed.

Celine Dion has had a horrible time over the past few years, with her brother, her father and her husband passing away from cancer. 

In terrible news, her brother-in-law, Guy Poirier, has been diagnosed with cancer, and is now in a care home. It has affected his lung, brain and bones.

Celine’s sister, Claudette, told Echos Vedettes magazine: “My step-brother is at the Maison Adhemar-Dion and he is still conscious.

“My sister (Liette) is with him and she is very strong. People of the Maison are angels and they are taking very good care of our step-brother.”

The Maison Adhemar-Dion is a palliative care facility in Quebec named after Celine Dion’s late father Adhemar.

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