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Asher Keddie’s Series ‘The Cry’ Is 2019’s Must-See Drama

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The Cry, on ABC, is being hailed as one of the TV events of the year and is up for several Logies this coming weekend. The psychological thriller is based on Helen FitzGerald’s book of the same name stars Asher Keddie (Nina Proudman on Offspring) and British actress Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who). The series was written by Jacquelin Perske and directed by Glendyn Ivin. 

The drama series, which was filmed in Melbourne, Victoria, portrays couple Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and husband Alistair (Ewen Leslie, Safe Harbour) leave Scotland with their baby son Noah to visit Australia to visit Alistair’s mother, Elizabeth (Stella Gonet). They are also a custody battle for Alistair’s teenage daughter Chloe (Markella Kavenagh) against his Australian ex-wife Alexandra (Asher Keddie). 

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Once they arrive in the small Australian town for the visit, baby Noah mysteriously disappears from the back of their rental car, a situation which triggers Joanna’s psychological breakdown. The couple then faces the glare of global media speculation and judgement, which changes both Joanna and her marriage forever. Alex Dimitriades plays the role of Detective Peter Alexiades and Shareena Clanton plays that of Detective Lorna Jones. 

The narrative skips around, with flashbacks – showing how Alistair and Joanna got together during the breakdown of his marriage to Alex – and forwards to a court case stemming from the disappearance. As different perspectives of the same scenes are shown, the audience is kept guessing about exactly what happened, without the plot ever being too confusing to follow. 

The Cry has already aired overseas, with over six million people tuning in to watch the premiere on BBC One.

The four-part TV series is available to binge on ABC iview.

WATCH BELOW: The Cry Trailer. 

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