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Ashley Graham Reveals An Unedited Photo Of Her Pregnant Body, Stretch Marks And All

Keeping it real as always

Well, that didn’t take long. Just days after announcing to the world that she was pregnant with her first child to husband Justin Ervin, Ashley Graham – the queen of keeping it real when it comes to positive body image – shared this naked photo with her stretch marks on full display.

“Same same but a little different”, she captioned the picture, and oh the praise she’s received!

The unedited photo shows a zoomed-in look at her stretch marks, which she has on her upper thighs, the side of her belly and around her bottom, and even on her breasts. All common areas that many women going through pregnancy experience stretch marks due to the rapid stretching of their skin.

One million likes and over 16,000 comments later, it’s safe to say women (and men) around the world are loving her open and honest willingness to share her beautiful body:

You continue to set the bar for real beauty inside and out. Thank you for your transparency.” 

“This picture makes me feel so perfect being “imperfect!” Sick of pictures of models and stars photoshopped and airbrushed making me feel like less of a woman because of my stretch marks and curves!!!! Today I embrace my BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT BODY!! I have carried FIVE beautiful babies in me and I live every curve and stretch mark they gave me… because in the end, I’m blessed with them!! ❤️ Thank you for this beautiful pic, @ashleygraham”

“I CANNOT WAIT for you to be a mother and teach another human being that ALL bodies are beautiful. You’re going to be such an amazing mother.”

“Thank you for being so real in a world of fake.”

“You make me love myself more…💛💛”

It wasn’t just women praising Ashley – one male follower wrote, “A woman comfortable with her body is (for me) one of the most attractive qualities”.

This certainly isn’t the first time Ashley Graham has shared photos of her real body with the world, and hopefully it won’t be the last.

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