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32-Year-Old Woman Dies Shielding Niece During Manchester Attack

“When I think of her now, all I remember is her smile”

Kelly Brewster was missing for almost 24 hours following the Manchester terrorist attack, but, tragically, has now been declared dead.

The 32-year-old British woman was at the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and young niece, Hollie Booth.

Both Hollie’s legs were broken in the chaotic aftermath of the explosion, which her incredibly brave aunt tried to protect her from. Her sister, Claire, suffered a broken jaw.

A family member confirmed to MailOnline that Kelly had passed away after being found injured and unconscious in hospital.

She is survived by boyfriend Ian Winslow, who she was just about to move in with.

Winslow’s father, John Winslow, told MailOnline that Kelly was “a lovely lass,” adding, “when I think of her now, all I remember is her smile.”

He said his son was “absolutely distraught” and had frantically searched for news of Kelly, along with her family and friends, following the blast.

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