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Nice Victim On The Incredible Act Of Kindness That Saved Her Life

'Patrick is the bravest man I've ever met'
Sunday Night

Adelaide Stratton has opened up about her harrowing experience after she was caught up in the devastating terror attacks on Bastille Day in Nice, France.

The 22-year-old was hit and dragged along by the truck driven by terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel through the crowds of innocent people.

Having been separated from her friends, Stratton lay bloodied and scared when a kind stranger named Patrick Serjent, grabbed her hand.

(Credit: Sunday Night)

“I remember being really scared. There was a stranger holding my hand, I was lying on the ground in pain with … blood dripping down my face,” Adelaide told Sunday Night.

“I just remember his face and his hair, his long hair coming over,” she said.

“I kind of knew he couldn’t speak English … he was just looking at me and squeezing my hand right back. Patrick is … the bravest man I’ve ever met. Who does that? What kind of person does that?” Adelaide said.

When asked if Serjent saved her life she said without hesitation: “Yep. Definitely, definitely, definitely.”

Rather than dwell on the man who caused such devastation on July 14, Stratton says she wants her story to be about Patrick and the people who helped her.

 “My story is about helping others. The beautiful things that can come from the terrible.”

Back home now in Sydney, Stratton is recovering from her injuries which included a shattered bone at the base of her skull, 50 stitches and a burned leg.

To help Adelaide in her recovery,

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