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One Of Australia’s Youngest Mums Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

She's set to give birth in December

Mollie Syrigos fell pregnant with her first child at just 13-years-old, making her one of Australia’s youngest mums.

And despite speculation about her maturity as a parent—and even calls for her to get an abortion— the teenager says she is thriving as a mother. The Melbourne student gushes when she speaks about her son Theodore’s bright spark.

“Oh my gosh, he is very energetic – an extremely cheeky and happy little boy. He’s like a little sponge really,” she told in an exclusive interview. “He absorbs things so quickly. He is such a fast learner. He is just awesome, so adorable.”

Now 15-years-old, Mollie is based in Surry Hills with her partner (and Theodore’s father), Oscar Wilks, 16. The pair—who live with Oscar’s father—have another huge challenge ahead: a second baby on the way.

Mollie is set to give birth in December.

“I know it will a huge challenge but I’m prepared for that challenge,” she explains. “No age defines how well you parent. There’s 30-year-old ice junkie mums out there. I’m doing as best as I can and my son is happy and so is my partner and I think that’s the main thing.”

Mollie said she and Oscar still get “dirty looks and rude comments” but they have persevered as parents. The young mum is aiming to continue her studies and even go to university.

“I’d love to do something with children, or animals or helping people. That’s my goal,” she said. “I love to care for people and I have a very nurturing personality.”

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