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This Australian Bride Read Her Cheating Fiance’s Texts At The Altar

Well, that's one way to write your own vows

Imagine this scenario: It’s the night before your wedding and you’re relaxing in a hotel room with your best friends when you receive a text.  It reads, “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”

You also receive messages that your fiance has been sending to another woman. Some are from several months ago while other texts are just days old.

This is exactly what happened to one Australian bride, who has anonymously shared her story with whimn. Her tale of revenge is going viral around the world after she sought revenge on her cheating fiance at the altar.

“I wish my GF had half the skills you do,” one of the texts read. “I’ve never had this kind of connection before,” read another.

“Every word [felt] like a dagger in my heart and my wedding was only hours away,” the woman admitted. “How could I cancel when everyone had already traveled to be there and everything was paid for?”


Her next move is so brilliant and shocking that could be in a Shakespearean tragedy.  On the day of the nuptials, she put on her wedding dress and walked down the aisle in front of her friends and family. When she reached the altar she turned to the audience and announced that there wouldn’t be a wedding.

“It seems Alex is not who I thought he was,” she said before reading all his cheating texts aloud to the people in attendance.

“With each word, more colour left Alex’s face,” the woman said. “I let my weeping eyes rise and meet his, and he had not one thing to say. He stalked out of the church with his best man trailing behind him. His family looked on, horrified.”

What about the reception you ask? The bride and her friends kicked-up their heels and celebrated, “following your heart even when it hurts.” Sounds like one hell of a party to us.”

Read this bride’s full story here. 

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