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Ex-Husband Charged With Murder Of Australian Mother-Of-Three

11 days after her body was found

When police found the body of Samantha Fraser, inside her Seagrove Way home at Cowes, Phillip Island, it looked like the mother-of-three had ended her own life. 

After Ms Fraser failed to collect her children from school on July 23rd, police found the 38-year-old’s body in the garage of her home. 

Though they initially thought Ms Fraser had ended her own life, CCTV footage placed a motorbike similar to the one her ex-husband, Adrian Basham, owns entering Phillip Island around 8am and leaving just after 12pm, prompting police to start a murder investigation. 

Police allege data from a phone of Basham’s registered under a fake name shows that he travelled to the island that day, SMH reports.

Yesterday, 11 days after Ms Fraser’s body was found, Basham was charged with her murder.

The court heard that a scratch Basham’s face was not there the night before Ms Fraser’s death and that Basham has nine domestic abuse charges against Mr Basham dating back to 2009, ABC reports. 

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