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Melbourne Mum Sent Into Panic After All Prescription Baby Formula Sold Out

“There’s no backup option”

Hannah Goland’s six-month-old son, Archer, relies on a single brand of prescription baby formula for food. 

Alfamino is the only powder that won’t trigger his serious milk allergy, which sets off hives and an anaphylactic reaction.

But with the amount of formula that is being bought in Australia and sold online to Chinese buyers (named Daigous), Hannah is often left frantically searching for stock.

Yesterday, she was just hours away from taking Archer to the hospital. 

“There’s no backup option,” the Melbourne mum told Sydney Morning Herald.

“I guess if a tin doesn’t come through, I’ll have to take him to hospital.


“It is quite a scary thought. The government need to do something.”

It’s not just children with allergies who are suffering. Australia faces an infant formula shortage all across the board, as parents in China, who don’t trust formula produced in their own country after a deadly contamination incident, turn to suppliers Down Under to feed their young children.

Recently it was revealed that Chinese university student, Molder Sayrao, was making nearly $90,000 a year by shipping baby formula home to western China.

Nestle has set up a supply management scheme to try to ensure products are easily accessible for Australian parents. 

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