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The First Two Contestants On ‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Have Been Confirmed

Get ready, Honey Badger

After months of speculation, the first two contestants competing for Nick Cummins‘ heart on The Bachelor Australia have been revealed. 

In a new promo for the upcoming reality TV show, Cummins, AKA The Honey Badger, meets former Miss World finalist Cass Wood and Brooke Blurton. 

cass wood
Cass Wood

Cass, a surfer and Rugby 7’s player, drops a bombshell in the trailer, saying she’s actually met Nick before. 

“I actually know him,” she revealed, refusing to confirm if anything romantic has ever happened between them.

“Let’s just see what he has to say,” she continued, before adding: “I’m hoping the fact that we know each other is an advantage, but at the same time he does know me so he might want to get rid of me!” 

The second woman confirmed is 23-year-old Brooke Blurton, who, despite being a rugby fan (and entering the mansion holding a rugby ball), didn’t recognise the famous former Wallabies player. 

brooke blurton
Brooke Blurton

Thankfully, Nick didn’t seem to mind not being recognised, saying Brooke was “refreshing.”

The Bachelor 2018 premieres on August 15th at 7.30pm.

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