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Bachelor In Paradise: Apollo Confirms Split From Simone

And why they really broke up

Last night saw the Bachelor In Paradise’s most up-and-down couple, Apollo Jackson and Simone Ormesher leave paradise to try and make a go of their relationship in the real world.

Sadly however it wasn’t to be and Apollo has confirmed the couple have since spilt.

“Unfortunately, Simone and I just didn’t work out,” he told WHO

“We tried our best but obviously, I’m based in Gold Coast and Sydney and she’s in Melbourne so with our work schedules we just couldn’t really make it work. But you know it was all positive, nothing negative there, we just couldn’t really make it work. We both think each other are awesome, but romantically it didn’t work out.

Simone says the pair were together for about a month following the show, but agreed that the distance got in the way.

“I went to the Gold Coast [where Apollo lives] and I stayed there for a month just to try and give it a go,” Simone told WHO. “We live in separate states and it’s just very hard and neither of us are willing to move now. He’s so busy with his career that it’s just not the right time I don’t think.”

“We still speak everyday on the phone still. We’re very good friends.”

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