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Bachelor In Paradise’s Alex Nation Reveals The Brutal Way She Dumped Richie Strahan

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Bachelor In Paradise Australia is set to be the most dramatic Bachie season so far thanks to the return of The Bachelor’s Richie Strahan and ex-girlfriend Alex Nation.  

Their reunion has already been teased the longest unedited segment in Australian reality television history and now Alex is giving us the backstory opening up about her split with Richie. For the uninitiated, the pair met in 2016 on The Bachelor, and quickly fell in love in front of millions of viewers. However, their love was left under heavy public scrutiny earlier this year following a strained appearance at the 2017 Logies in April and they were reported to have split up sometime around June. Then, Alex stepped out with her new love, Maegan Luxa, in August

During an interview on Tuesday morning, Alex and Alisha Aitken-Radburn opened up to KIIS FM about all the hookups and break-ups – Jackie O Henderson asked Alex about her onscreen confrontation with her ex, “so did  you guys not break-up on good terms?” 

To which Nation responded, “Oh it wasn’t like…” Before hesitating and pausing for an awkward moment. She then confessed, “I dumped him over a text message. So that’s not the best.” 

Jackie then asked whether Richie may have acted in a way to warrant he impersonal break-up – enquiring “did her do something or was it just not working?”

Alex’s answer didn’t shed much light in the way of finding out what happened – clearly, we will have to wait until BIP debuts – to find out what really went down between the couple. Nation simply said, “I think it was the nature of the situation and I just shut down.” 

Watch Alex explain her split with Richie below:

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So what does Richie have to say about the break-up? That it was incredibly hard on him, though he doesn’t regret his appearance on the hit dating show.

According to reports, Strahan was devastated when Nation was photographed kissing Meghan Luxa, the star opened up for the first time in a new interview with New Idearevealing: “The months leading up to it were the most difficult, crazy and confusing times I’ve been put through. Having something wonderful dissolve the way it did was heartbreaking, but at the same time, there was a lot of relief that the emotional roller-coaster was finally over.”

When asked why the relationship broke down, Richie said this was a “tough question” and revealed “I guess the brightest spark can fizzle fast. We made some bad choices back in June and our relationship really struggled to recover for months after. It didn’t matter how much effort I put into it – sometimes these things are destined to fail.”
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