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So, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Ciarran Just Got A New Hairstyle And Lucius Malfoy Has Left The Building

From platinum blonde and long to... a pink mushroom cut?!

Meet the hectic hair transformation you didn’t see coming: Bachelor In Paradise’s Ciarran has officially ditched the Lucius Malfoy-esque, long blonde locks for a… hot pink bowl cut.

A drastic turn from the platinum blonde man-bun he’s been sporting on BIP, Ciarran’s new ‘do comes courtesy of Edwards & Co master cutter Natalia Humphrey, who shared snaps of the Paradise contestant’s post-show look to her Instagram Stories.

And, honestly, if it weren’t for the tattoos (in fact, even with the tatoos), we wouldn’t have recognsied him. But don’t take our word for it, these pictures are, as Timm would say loose/hectic.

ciarran hair cut
Ciarran hair

Dramatically shaved up to the back of his head, the new mushroom-esque look shows off even more of Ciarran’s neck tattoo, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say.

His incredible, electric pink colour comes courtesy of Edwards & Co senior colourist Nicole Igou-Texeira, and frankly, it’s enough to charge our 20% phone battery just from looking at it.

It’s unclear whether it’s simply a makeover for fun or perhaps a myserious modelling assignment, thanks to the words ‘cover boy’.

In any case, you won’t need to keep your eyes peeled. With that look, he’s impossible to miss!

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