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‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Conor Canning Is Facing Court After Allegedly Stealing From Former Employers

The former reality star recently welcomed a daughter with Mary Viturino.

Reality star, Conor Canning, who appeared on Channel Ten’s Bachelor In Paradise, is facing Hobart Magistrates Court after admittedly stealing intellectual property from a former employer, and then lying about it under oath. 

Fans will remember Conor from the 2020 season of the reality franchise, where the Tasmanian native met former contestant Mary Viturino. The former BIP star recently welcomed his first child, a daughter named Summer, and is the stepfather of Mary’s daughter from a previous relationship, Chanel. 

According to ABC News, Conor admitted to stealing a database from his former employer and repeatedly lied under oath about it, with the database worth an estimated $800,000 a year. 

The publication also notes that two years prior to appearing on Bachelor In Paradise, Conor was “the subject of a serious complaint and investigation regarding his work as a real estate agent that was only finalised last year”, and he has since been de-registered by the Property Agent’s Tribunal. 

While Conor attests that he received no personal gains from stealing the database, a court claims the case is not about the theft the database, but his continued lies about it. 

Conor’s partner Mary has been seen supporting him in court. 

The case will continue in a Tasmanian court in August. 

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