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The Real Reason Grant And Ali Split After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

What went down in LA that made Ali run for the hills

On last night’s finale of Bachelor In Paradise, we saw Ali Oetjen and Grant Kemp declare their love for each other, discuss having babies, exchange commitment rings and finally walk off into the sunset together ready to start their lives together in LA…

However before the credits even rolled, we found out the Ali and Grant had split – and they just casually announced she would be the next Bachelorette.

Wait, what? 

So, it turns out that Ali and Grant did make a go of it, with the South Australian beauty making the move to LA but sadly it wasn’t all happily ever after when she got there.

“Ali travelled to LA to see him after the show, because she was considering moving there and really thought it was going to work out,” a source told Woman’s Day. “But he tried to make her have a threesome with one of his mates and so she got scared and came running home.”

Both Leah Costa and Keira Maguire have spoken out labelling the American model a fake, and saying he was only interested in fame.

“I’ve actually spoken to Ali since and she was like, ‘I should’ve listened to you. You warned me,’” Costa told Yahoo Be.

“And I was like, ‘Yup, Grant just wants to be famous’. I feel really sorry for her – I don’t think she deserved to have her heart broken. She really did want to find love and I think Grant just chose the easiest way of staying there … she got caught in the crossfire.” 

However Grant didn’t take too kindly to the claims, and denied romancing her for fame.

“If I was trying to chase fame by dating someone I wouldn’t have dated the girl who hasn’t been on TV for years,” he told Daily Mail


But Ali isn’t letting it get her down and despite two failed attempts at a reality tv romance, the 32-year-old is giving it another shot.

“I have had my heart broken, but I’ve picked myself up and I’m ready to put my heart on the line again. I’m absolutely thrilled to start this new adventure,” Ali said.

“I’m looking for a man who is light-hearted and kind, a genuine and down-to-earth man who will sweep me off my feet and love me for me. And I’m looking forward to offering that love back to him in return.”

The Bachelorette starring Ali will air later this year on Network Ten.

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