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Bachelor In Paradise Star Davey Lloyd On Post-Show Love

"No one wanted to be in that situation"

Last night, the first contestants were evicted from Bachelor In Paradise: Davey Lloyd and Brett Moore. While it was pretty obvious Brett wouldn’t be receiving a rose (due to the small matter of having a girlfriend outside of the show), whether Davey would win Flo’s was unclear right up until the very end. 

At the last minute (nice work, producers), the Dutch babe decided to go with her old flame, Jake, sending Davey packing. 

Here, we talk to him about his feelings towards Flo and whether he’s still looking for love.

Sorry to see you go last night! Were you surprised not to receive a rose?

Look, there was that thought that I definitely wouldn’t get a rose, but I respect Flo’s decision 100%. No one wanted to be in that situation in the first place, so I think she had it worse than any of us.

Given that you and Flo had flirted a bit outside of the show, did you think you two would probably get together on the show?

I didn’t really think it, but I kinda wanted it to. It did cross my mind but I did think it would be a bit messy with Jake in there too because they had that prior history. 

Did you know prior to going on Paradise that she’d been seeing Jake?

Yes, I did. But I knew it had been awhile in between.

In the promo for next week it seems like Flo doesn’t end up with Jake, Have you spoken much to her since leaving the show?

Yeah, I have. We did Family Feud and stuff as well together and that was ok. It was fun, we’re completely sweet.

And what about Jake, are you two still friends?

Yeah, absolutely. 

What would you do differently if you could go back?

I think the whole of Australia knows what I’d do differently (laughs). I’d take Flo on the date before Leah, yeah.

Could you tell straight away that you didn’t have a connection with Leah?

Yeah, I could tell we were going to be friends and not anything else.

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Are you still looking for love?


Describe your dream girl?

She has to be able to put up with my nonsense sometimes. And she just has to be excited to have new adventures and make something out of nothing. 

Who did you think had the biggest spark between the people who have coupled off?

I saw a few people with some sparks but everyone was sort of just more worried about what was going on with us. There were definitely relationships forming, but I wasn’t really there long enough to really calculate whose was the strongest.

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