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Bachelor In Paradise: Megan And Jake Confirm They Are Still Together

But still not in love...

They were one of Bachelor In Paradise’s most turbulent couples, and they kept us guessing right until the last minute.

And last night Megan Marks and Jake Ellis decided not to go through with the commitment ceremony.

“Jake and I had already spoken about me leaving the night before,” said Megan told Confidential

“We both knew we weren’t in love, and when you make a commitment like that on national television, people expect things from you. We just want that kind of pressure put on our relationship.”

However it turns out the couple are still very much together all these months later – although still reluctant to say those three little words apparently…

“We are taking it slow and we want to do it right because we obviously do see that there’s something really there with us and we just want to make sure we don’t stuff it up I guess,” Jake tells WHO magazine.

“Love is a big word! Look, I would say that we’ve been taking things pretty slow, you know,” added Megan.

The pair have no plans to move in together right now, with Megan constantly traveling for work and say they are just taking things “day-by-day”.

“I’m still traveling, you know, doing my thing so we see each other when we can but we haven’t sort of discussed where to from here, it’s still day-by-day and taking it as it comes.”

But the couple are taking a step forward in their relationship, heading off on their first official overseas holiday together this week, so everyone knows traveling with your partner is make or break…

“I guess it’s been hard, the show’s been on and we’ve both had so much media and all that kind of stuff so it’s going to be really good to just absolutely shut off and spend time with each other,” added Jake.

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