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Bachelor in Paradise’s Grant Slams Ali’s Claims He Used Her

It's not all roses in paradise

Despite what we are seeing play out between Grant Kemp and Ali Oetjen on Bachelor In Paradise over the last few weeks, it seems they haven’t been able to transition their love story into the real world after all.

While Tara and Sam, Keira and Jarrod and Megan and Jake, are posting all over social media, Ali and Grant have remained suspiciously quiet, not posting a single photo of each other.

Despite having declared their love for each other, and last night deciding Ali would move to LA to be with Grant, a public slinging match between the pair – and fellow contestant Leah Costa – has begun.

It all started when Leah Costa spoke on Ali’s behalf during an interview, saying she felt used by Grant and felt he only dated her to stay on the show.

“I’ve actually spoken to Ali since and she was like, ‘I should’ve listened to you. You warned me, Costa told YahooBe.

And I was like, ‘Yup, Grant just wants to be famous’. I feel really sorry for her – I don’t think she deserved to have her heart broken. She really did want to find love and I think Grant just chose the easiest way of staying there … she got caught in the crossfire.” 

However Grant didn’t take too kindly to the claims, and denied romancing her for fame.

If I was trying to chase fame by dating someone I wouldn’t have dated the girl who hasn’t been on TV for years, he told Daily Mail


We think it’s safe to say, real or not, after that response these two aren’t together anymore…

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