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Bachelor In Paradise’s Sam Reveals The Unexpected Moment He Fell In Love With Tara

It involves a coconut…

They’re the Bachelor In Paradise’s most unlikely, but most loved-up couple, and we think it’s safe to say they’ll be staying together on tonight night’s finale.

On the show Sam Cochrane has made no secret of his love for Tara Pavlovic, but speaking in a new interview with WHO magazine, he reveals the exact moment he knew Tara was ‘the one’ – despite a rocky start that could have seen their story end very differently.

“I knew we would either really get along or we’d potentially lock horns and initially we did lock horns… she was a bit of a bitch to me when I walked in (laughs)”.

But he says he quickly fell in love with her wicked sense of humour.

“Her sense of humour can be quite gross at times and she did gross me out quite early on. I was like ‘What?’ No woman says what you just said, no human says what you just said…”

Scared of being embroiled in another scandal like during his time on Sophie Monk’s season. Sam says he was initially reserved with Tara before she reassured him that they shared the same sense of humour.

“In her own lovely way she kind of just assured me like ‘This is who I am’ and that’s sort of what I was looking for. I wanted someone that I could say whatever the hell I wanted. 

“That moment she said something really gross – I won’t go into detail – but it was like, it was with a coconut, it was a chopped coconut and what she said about it was literally one of the foulest things I’ve ever heard anyone say but I just laughed and I couldn’t stop laughing and every time I saw her after that, I’d just laugh and that’s sort of where it started.

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