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Richie Strahan And Alex Nation Respond To Public Backlash

"They can go suck lemons."
Channel 10

Fans are calling last nights The Bachelor Australia finale the biggest robbery in reality television history.  After Richie Strahan revealed he was going to “follow his heart” and chose Alex Nation twitter erupted in outrage

In an exclusive chat with WHO the couple has responded to how they’re handling the public backlash.  

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(Credit: Channel 10)

“I don’t feel like I ever have to work for anyone to like me,” said Nation, 24.

“I think if you know who you are and you trust who are, and the people you love and care about do as well, then that is really all that matters.”

Strahan, 31, adds, “if people are getting up in our grill because I followed my heart and fell in love, then mate, what’s their problem? [Laughs] If those people are upset, then I don’t even want to have anything to do them. They can go suck lemons.”

As for claims his mum was actually #TeamNikki, Richie sets the record straight.

“She’s Team Alex all the way. I’ve spoken to my mum. I’ve explained how I feel, and you know, my mum only ever wants me to be happy. And she knows how happy I am with my decision. I have fallen for Alex, so my mum’s stoked. It was good television and good drama last night.”

Source: Instyle

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