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Bachelor Vietnam Contestants Shock By Leaving Rose Ceremony Together

This is brilliant

While we’re still coming to terms with all the drama on our own season of The Bachelor here in Australia, viewers in Vietnam were just treated to one of the most dramatic rose ceremonies of all time.

During the shocking ceremony, contestant Minh Thu tearfully explained to the bachelor, Nguyen Quoc Trung, that she had fallen in love, but that it was with someone else.

“I went into this competition to find love,” she said. “But I’ve found that love for myself. But it isn’t you. It’s someone else.”

Thu then walked over to fellow contestant, Truc Nhu, and the ladies shared a long hug, as the surprised contestants and bachelor looked on.

“Come home with me. Come home with me,” she pleaded.

And it seemed her feelings were reciprocated, with Nhu giving back the rose she had already received and the pair departed together.

HOWEVER, it doesn’t end there and sadly there wasn’t a happy ending for the couple, because Nhu then reportedly had a change of heart, and re-accepted Trung’s rose and re-entered the competition.

“After talking to Trung, I’ve changed my mind to accept this rose and continue this journey,” Nhu later revealed of her decision to re-enter the competition. 

Fans are now calling for Minh Thu to be Vietnam’s first same-sex Bachelorette!

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