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Backpacker Stabbing Attack Survivor Speaks Out

'Bunny-Boiler' Murderer Sentenced To Life In Prison'

A backpacker who was injured trying to warn others of Smail Ayad’s vicious attack, which left Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Thomas Jackson dead at Shelly’s Backpackers Hostel in Home Hill Queensland, has spoken out about the ordeal.

21-year-old Chris Porter had shared a room with Ayliffe-Chung and Ayad before the attack and says he tried to warn others after the violence broke out.

Porter tells Seven News that he climbed a balcony to get to the rooms and afterwards he fell, breaking both his legs. 

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“I tried to warn the other girls to lock their doors and as I came back down again I didn’t realise how high up it was and just fell,” Porter said. 

Like most of the people who were there that day, Porter is still in disbelief.

“Why?” he said. “Why is the main question.”

Porter has since met with the mother of 21-year-old Ayliffe-Chung, Rosie Ayliffe, and the pair are now hoping to honour Mia’s memory by creating a website for people on working holidays with safety tips to help them stay safe.

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