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Barnaby Joyce Confirms He’s Expecting Second Child With Partner Vikki Campion

The couple welcomed their first son Sebastian last April

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion are expecting their second child, the politician has confirmed.

The former Nationals leader and his ex-staffer are believed to have told friends and family before announcing the news, the Courier-Mail reports. 

“We are actually having another child, called Tom, so there you go,” Mr Joyce said in footage on Seven News from a fundraiser on Sunday afternoon.

It is understood the baby boy is due in June and will take the name after Mr Joyce’s grandfather, Thomas.

Joyce resigned as Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader last February after his affair with Ms Campion was revealed. 

The couple already has a baby son, Sebastian, and Mr Joyce has four daughters from his marriage with now-estranged wife Natalie.


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten congratulated Mr Joyce and his family.

“That’s entirely a personal matter for them and I congratulate them. Whenever a child is to be born it is good news,” Mr Shorten told reporters in Queensland on Sunday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also offered his congratulations.

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