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A TV Presenter Is Under Fire After Grabbing A Woman’s Breast Live On Air

Her reaction is priceless

A woman has slapped a BBC reporter live on air after he appeared to grab her breast and push her away during an interview.

Ben Brown was on the streets of Bradford with another BBC presenter when the woman walked into frame and interrupted the interview.

Brown can be seen reaching out, placing his hand on the woman’s chest and pushing her away.

Her reaction? Priceless.

The woman swiftly slapped the man and then walked out of the shot—we’d probably do the same.

A spokesperson for the BBC told The Guardian it was “clearly an accident” but would not confirm if there had been any complaints about Brown’s behaviour.

Twitter, always a goldmine for quick-witted commentary, responded as expected. “Keeping abreast of the day’s news,” one user wrote. “That was no accident, he looked right at her,” another posted.

Brown quickly addressed the situation on social media himself by tweeting: “Unfortunate interruption of broadcast in Bradford – just tried to minimise disruption but v tricky live on air – completely unintentional”.

But we notice he didn’t offer the woman an apology. What a boob.

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