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Beach Boy’s Mike Love Makes Stunning Murder Revelation

No one expected this

Mike Love’s new book Good Vibrations reveals shocking details of a decades old murder.

Love, who co-founded The Beach Boys, has revealed that his former band mate, Dennis Wilson admitted to witnessing a murder.

According to Love, Wilson stated the he saw notorious cult-founder Charles Manson commit a murder in 1969.

“I just saw Charlie take his M16 and blow this black cat [man] in half and stuff him down the well,” reports People magazine.

Charles Manson (left) and Dennis Wilson (right) (Credit: Getty/Beach Boys Facebook)

Manson, who is currently serving nine concurrent jail sentences for conspiring to murder seven people, struck up friendships with members of the Beach Boys in the same year.

In the book Love recounts Dennis telling him about the experience, stating that he was “visibly shaken” and that Dennis “was too frightened to go to police.”

The admission casts doubt on whether all of the victims have been accounted for however retired Los Angeles prosecutor Stephen Kay, who helped convict Mason said “if it was true, I would have heard it before.”

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