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Bec Judd Just Made The Most Un-Glamorous Confession

“Luckily I had a spare nappy in the glovebox”

Don’t be fooled by that perpetually polished façade: model-turned-radio-host Rebecca Judd has had her fair share of embarrassing situations – and she isn’t afraid to open up about them live on air.

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Co-hosting KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick Up show yesterday afternoon, Judd made her startling “confession.” If you’ve had children, it’s quite possibly a tale you can relate to – but would probably rather die than talk about.

But not so Bec Judd: “After I had Billie, she was probably a couple of weeks old and I needed to go into the city and go to the toilet but I had Billie in this pram and was still getting used to the whole newborn thing again, so I thought I’ll just hold on and wait until I get home,” she explains.

But her post-natal pelvic floor had other ideas. “So I get into the carpark, put her in, put the pram in, got into the car and I sit in the driver’s seat and I’m like, ‘oh my god, it’s actually about to come out. I can’t hold this in, I’m so post-natal.”

Her emergency solution? Grabbing the spare nappy from the glovebox.

“I just kind of put it in like a big pad and just went away with it and binned it when I got home,” Judd says. “May I just add, those Huggies nappies are so absorbent. No spills. No leaks. No worries.”

Kudos to Judd for not shying away from telling it how it is.

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