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Bella Hadid Is A Dead Ringer For This 50-Year-Old Star

How did nobody pick up on this sooner?

It’s one of the most striking celebrity doppelgänger comparisons we’ve ever seen, made all the more bizarre because both the people in question happen to be extremely famous: model-of-the-moment Bella Hadid and former French First Lady Carla Bruni. 

Don’t believe us? The unlikely pair met in Cannes this week for the Fashion For Relief gala, and when they posed for the below photo, the internet went into overdrive:

carla bruni bella hadid cannes
(Credit: Getty)
carla bruni bella hadid naomi campbell cannes
(Credit: Getty)

Even Carla Bruni, who found fame in the ’90s as a model for the likes of Saint Laurent, saw the resemblance. She posted the below photo on Instagram, captioning it, ‘Do I have a hidden daughter?’

The similarities are even more striking when you look at a photo of Carla at Bella’s age. Make-up artist Bobbi Brown posted the below throwback photo on Instagram four days ago, picturing herself doing Carla’s make-up:

Commenters couldn’t believe their eyes. “For a second I thought she was @bellahadid,” wrote one.

“wow she just looks like #bellahadid!” said another.

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