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Belle Gibson Found Guilty Of A Number Of Charges In Consumer Affairs Case

The decision has been handed down.

Disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson has been found guilty of a number of different charges for making false cancer claims. reports Gibson was found guilty of ‘most, but not all’ charges against her. The blogger did not show up to her court hearing, and Justice Debbie Mortimer will sentence her at a later date.

“I am satisfied Ms Gibson and her company made a representation as to existing fact that was misleading or deceptive in any event,” she said in court.

However ABC News reports that Justice Mortimer was not convinced that Gibson was acting unconscionably. 

“She may have had other psychological or psychiatric issues,” the ruling said.

Gibson is likely to face a fine up to $220,000, and her company could be fined $1.1 million.

The 25-year-old made headlines in 2015 when she confessed to the Australian Women’s Weekly that her claims that she had cancer and had been cured by natural remedies were all false.

“No. None of it’s true,” she said. “I am still jumping between what I think I know and what is reality. I have lived it and I’m not really there yet.” 

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She received more than $1 million in profits from her cookbook and app, called The Whole Pantry. Though she had promised she would make $300,000 in charity donations, she only donated $10,000.

In the past year, Belle Gibson has failed to show up to court multiple times.

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