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Father Of Boys Missing In Bermuda Triangle Shares His Heartbreak

“I lost what I loved more than anything"

A New York man has shared his heartbreak over the disappearance of his two young sons after their plane vanished in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. 

Phineas, 4, and Theodore, 3, were traveling with their mother, New York businesswoman Jennifer Blumin, in a small plane over the Bahamas. The body of the plane’s pilot, Nathan Ulrich, is also yet to be found. 

 “I lost what I loved more than anything,” Ramsey told the Daily News.

“I keep hoping it’s not real and I’ll wake up. Wouldn’t wish this pain on the worst person in the world.”

Rescuers have searched more than 13,600 square kilometers over the past three days for any sign of the missing plane or the bodies of passengers. 

The Telegraph reports Ms Blumin is the CEO of Skylight Group, which offers event spaces around New York for the fashion industry. 

Meanwhile, Ulrich’s family is “devastated and shocked”, his uncle told CNN.

The United States Coast Guard have confirmed they found debris during a search for the plane east of Eleuthera.

The plane left Puerto Rico on Monday after Mother’s Day and was headed to Florida. A search was initiated after air traffic control lost contact with the twin-engine aircraft.

Coast Guard spokesman lieutenant commander Ryan Kelly said rescue efforts were still in full force.

“We are still searching and that search is going to go on through the night and into tomorrow,” he said. 

The Bermuda Triangle has been blamed for the disappearance of at least 20 planes and 50 ships in the past century.

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