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The 7 Best Beverly Hills 90210 Celebrity Cameos You Never Noticed

A compilation of the greatest celebrity nostalgia - you're welcome

As the program’s very own Dylan McKay puts it, “Who needs TV? We’ve got Days of Our Lives right here!” Touché Mr. McKay, Touché.

But few people know that Beverly Hills: 90210, the infamous TV show dedicated to the lives of troubled uptown teens, was once the play pen for an assortment of budding stars – some fulfilling more unlikely roles than others.

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Ryan Seacrest – Season 10, Episode 16

A young Ryan Seacrest takes on the ‘gripping’ persona of a Valentine’s Day game show host. But you should be warned that his performance exploits some dismal banter that will make you cringe.

Christina Aguilera – Season 10, Episode 2

Christina plays herself, gracing us with her 90s hit ‘Genie in a bottle’ at David’s surprise birthday bash with some glorious hairstyles and fashion pieces to complement the episode.

Matthew Perry – Season 1, Episode 18

Before Chandler Bing there was Roger Azarian, Brandon’s friend with major Daddy issues and immense insecurities. The episode that he stars in gets very real, very fast.

Meghan Markle – 90210 reboot pilot episode

Ok, Queenie might just drop her biscuits with this one, because the girlfriend of her grandson, Prince Harry, has done the unmentionable on TV. Looks like Meghan might be in a bit of a sticky situation… again…

Burt Reynolds – Season 3, Episode 6

Now this guy was actually very much established as an actor. I’m sure you’re familiar with the drill – Burt Reynolds, in a hero-esque fashion, waltzes through the door with his fancy boots but this time he is playing, well, Burt Reynolds to save Ginger from a mob of disdainful tourists.

Jessica Alba – Season 8, Episode 23

A baby faced Alba plays a teen mom who grapples with the decision of whether or not to raise her child, with everyone at the clinic questioning her competency.

Gabriel Macht – Season 2, Episode 11

The mane. The strut. Tal Weaver has it all. The slick and suave Harvey Spectre clearly drew his smooth approach to the ladies from this Beverley Hills rich boy. This episode has everything you want in it including a 19-year-old Gabriel Macht’s questionable, yet admirable dance moves.

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