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Big stars, small room: Selena Gomez and Mark Zuckerberg have mystery meeting in miniature room

Whatever could they be talking about?

It’s a meeting of Internet royalty!

In a powerhouse merge of social media, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram’s biggest star, Selena Gomez, met up for a casual, yet intimate, business meeting at Facebook’s headquarters in LA. 

We say intimate, as the power-packed pair met up for a quick chat and pic opp in a very tiny room.  

What were they discussing? Why were they in a miniature room? Were all the other meeting rooms booked? Hopefully, we get answers to these questions soon.

Mark then posted a pic of the pair to his personal FB account, saying: “Meeting with Instagram’s biggest star in our smallest room. Thanks for stopping by Selena Gomez!”

We’d love to be a fly on the wall of this conversation.

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