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People Are Dressing Up To Take Their Bins Out For An ‘Isolation Outing’

Take what you can get, really

While our time in self-isolation hits another weekend (remember when that actually meant something?), Australians are finding new and creative ways to fill the void of things we used to take for granted. ‘Bin Isolation Outing‘ is the hilarious new Facebook group that sees people dress up to take their bins out for the night. Because we’ll take what we can get right now…

The normally mundane task of taking the bins out weekly has turned into an opportunity for people to get in their best fancy dress, and get out of the house (if only for mere minutes). 

“Basically the bin goes out more than us SO let’s dress up for the occasion!” the group description reads. “Fancy dress, makeup, tutu…be creative! Post photos to cheer us up. After all, laughter is the best medicine.”

Damn straight. The group has skyrocketed to over 129,000 members in just days since its inception, so we’ve rounded up some of the most hilarious pictures. Scroll down if you’re in need of a good laugh. 

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