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8 Burning Questions We Have About The Controversial Black Tape Trend

Starting with, what’s wrong with clothes?

At marie claire, we’re all for style that pushes boundaries, but this latest look has sent our fashion team into a state of shock. Allow us to present: duct tape dressing.

Believe it or not, women are giving Kim Kardashian and her beloved naked dress a run for their money – by dressing simply in strategically placed black tape.


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Of course, the mind behind this madness belongs to a man, Miami-based designer Joel Alvarez and self-titled ‘King of Tape’. He calls his Black Tape Project “an exclusive fashion experiment,” according to the Daily Mail, and has already attracted 183,000 Instagram followers.

It’s a phenomenon that brings to mind several burning (stinging? freezing?) questions. Questions such as:

1/ How do you put it on? Is there a buddy system?

2/ How long does it take to apply?

3/ What’s your removal philosophy? Rip it off like a band aid? Or gingerly peel? Soak in the bath?

4/ Does it have a handy wipe-clean element for spilt drinks?

5/ Is it a disaster if things get hot and sweaty on the dance floor?

6/ Where do you keep your keys and loose change?


8/ And lastly, but most crucially, why???

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