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The Trailer For Blake Lively’s New Film Will Have You Trusting No One

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Blake Lively proves love really can be blind in the new trailer for her latest romantic thriller, All I See Is You.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and when a childhood accident leaves Blake’s character Gina permanently blind, she relies on the seemingly trustworthy eyes of her doting husband to help her navigate the world. 

Set against the colourful backdrop of Bangkok’s bustling CBD, Gina is completely dependent on her husband James, but when the opportunity to restore her vision arises in a life-changing surgery, their relationship takes an unsettling turn.

As Gina’s regains her sight, she starts to see the world with a new sense of curiosity and freedom, causing her husband James to feel threated by her newfound independence. 

What follows are a burst of sensory and eerily fragmented clips that tease of lust, a potential murder, and a platinum blonde Blake Lively.

The toxic thriller ads to Blake’s expansive film archive, following her impressive performance in The Shallows, last year, hinting that her latest film will not fall short of suspense, drama and of course a strong female lead.

 All I See Is You opens nationwide on October 27th.

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