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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Have Reportedly Welcomed Their Fourth Baby Into The World

And no, Taylor Swift has not dropped any hints about the baby's name.

Blake Lively has made Super Bowl Sunday extra special this year by revealing that she “been busy”, a.k.a given birth to her fourth child with Ryan Reynolds. 

Taking to social media, Lively posted a photo of herself, Reynolds and her mother-in-law Tammy with the caption “Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023🥘 🍲 🥧 been busy”. 

Of course, considering Lively’s noticeably absent baby bump, fans are quick to assume that the “been busy” Blake is referring to is welcoming her latest bundle of joy into the world. 

Neither Blake or Ryan have confirmed the rumours, but either way we have second-hand excitement for the couple’s three daughters, James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, to become big sisters again.

We’re not crying, you are.

“Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023🥘 🍲 🥧 been busy”. (Credit: Source: @blakelively)

Back in 2022, Lively pulled a Beyoncé to announce the news of her pregnancy via a major sartorial moment.

Attending the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit in September 2022, Lively wore a gorgeous gold sequin mini dress which perfectly revealed her growing baby bump—confirming she and Ryan Reynolds were indeed expecting their fourth child.

(Credit: Getty)

Lively gave fans no indication that a fourth baby was on the way—the last time she posted on social media ahead of the pregnancy announcement was a bikini picture (which gave us all the swimwear inspiration we need for the summer ahead, FYI).

But, we honestly shouldn’t have been surprised by this iconic move.

Lively also dropped her third baby announcement back in 2018 when she showed up to the premiere of Pokémon Detective Pikachu wearing a bright yellow dress which revealed her growing bump. She does it her way and we truly love her for it.

Blake Lively also announced the news of her third pregnancy on the red carpet. (Credit: Source: Getty)

Of course, we should also be expecting Lively and Reynold’s long-time friend Taylor Swift to subtly announce the name of their fourth baby via her next best-selling album. 

As you’ll recall, fans learned that the Blake and Ryan’s third daughter was called Betty after the single ‘Betty’ from Swift’s award-winning album Folklore featured lyrics including the children’s respective names. 

We’re now scouring Taylor’s latest album Midnights for any hints of what Blake and Ryan potentially named their new bundle of joy (Maroon? Lavender? Bejewelled??) and can’t wait for the trio to announce the baby’s name in whatever cryptic way they do. 

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