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Mega Blogger Constance Hall Is Engaged

"When lover boy wants to spent the rest of his life with you"

Popular Australian blogger Constance Hall has announced her engagement to partner Denim Cook.

Posting to both her Facebook and Instagram account, Constance, who was recently in the spotlight for her messy split with her ex-husband, wrote: “Lover boy wants to spent the rest of his life with me [sic]… spoiler I said yes 3 f*cking times.”

She then directed her following to Dylan’s Facebook page, where he went into further detail about the proposal. 

“To let u in on something deeply personal, I have proposed marriage to Con twice in 2 months. Every time she has said ‘YES’,” he wrote.

“Obviously we are both hopeless romantics so recently I got down on one knee at the beach in Carnarvon and asked for the 3rd and final time.”

“I felt nervous and my heart raced to the speed of my brain… I didn’t want to blurt out something ridiculous without an intro so I prepared Con for what was about to happen.”

“I came up with ‘Constance Hall, as you know our love has existed before the beginning of time, please will you marry me so our souls can be entwined till the end of time.”

“We kissed deeply and passionately and then she jumped onto my hips and wrapped her legs around me, she grabbed my neck and forced us to gently fall towards the water. Then just like in all the romantic movies a wave raced up the beach and engulfed us both by surprise.”


Congrats to the happy couple! 

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