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Blue Ivy Bid $19,000 On A Piece Of Art And Twitter Is Losing It

Even Jay Z couldn't stop her

At just six years old, Blue Ivy’s credentials already include fashion icon, handbag aficionado and sass queen. And now, she can add art buyer to that very impressive list. 

On Sunday, Blue Ivy and her famous parents, Jay Z and Beyonce, attended the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles, a charity event supporting the work of the Where Art Can Occur Theater Centre.

Blue Ivy managed to upstage Beyonce herself in an adorable gold dress and headpiece. And boy was she was ready to buy some art.

A video shared on Twitter shows Blue bidding US $17,000 on a portrait of Sidney Portier, and raising the stakes to a US $19,000 bid. Even Jay Z couldn’t stop her. 

According to Vanity Fair, Blue Ivy lost her hilarious bidding war to actor Tyler Perry, who dropped a cool 20K for the piece. But the 6-year-old later settled the score with another covetable piece of art made from deconstructed law and medical texts for $10,000.

As you can imagine, Twitter is having an absolute field day. Here are some of the most hilarious reactions:

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