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Blue Prosecco Now Exists And We’ll Cheers To That


First, there was rose gold Prosecco. Now, there is blue Prosecco, and no it’s not just blue food colouring – it’s a legitimately fancy sparkling cocktail. 

The sparkling wine in question, ‘Blumond’, which actually quietly hit Australia a few months ago, is already on sale in China and the U.S. and is going for around $27 a bottle.

Novel, lavish *and* cheap… now that’s our kind of drink! 

The company responsible for this otherworldly creation, Fratelli Sarecini, are in talks to start selling the blue wine for weddings and special occasions, as well as selling it in Harrods in the U.K.

Whilst the unconventionality of the blue wine has left some Italian winemakers outraged, those of us who are easily amused by brightly coloured drinks (isn’t everybody?) have some serious sipping to do. 

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