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Before Brad Pitt Was Famous He Starred In A Pringles Ad (Shirtless, Of Course!)

Plus, more retro ads starring some of Hollywood’s sexiest men

Before Brad Pitt stole our hearts in Interview with the Vampire and Legends of the Fall, and found mega-stardom with his roles in Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven and so on, he was just a regular actor trying to make it big. About five years before his big break, he starred in a 1989 Pringles ad. Shirtless, naturally. Some things never change!

Brad isn’t the only Hollywood hunk to come from humble commercial beginnings. A fresh-faced teenage Ryan Reynolds appeared in a Push Pop ad in the ‘90s.

Long before 1988’s Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze proved he had all the moves in a 1979 TV commercial for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The 27-year-old’s dance performance almost puts Johnny Castle to shame.

Four years before Channing Tatum landed his iconic role as Tyler Gage in the OG Step Up, he starred in a 2002 Pepsi commercial as a DJ. Not long after, he also landed a Mountain Dew ad, where he gave off major Fast and the Furious vibes with his driving skills.

Pre-Die Hard, Bruce Willis appeared in a couple of ads for alcohol brand Seagram. In one of them, Bruce is jamming with his boys on the porch, singing the brand’s jingle into a bottle of Golden Wine Coolers. 

When Ben Affleck was younger, he did a lot of small acting roles. One of his most memorable appearances was when he was 17 years old and starred in a 1989 ad for Burger King.

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