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Brazilian women march to support gang rape victim

The teenager was gang raped by 30 men

Brazilian women have taken to the streets in their thousands to protest the country’s engrained ‘culture of rape’ after a 16-year-old girl revealed to CNN that she’d been brutally gang raped by 30 men.

Yes, 30 men.

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It’s almost too horrific to comprehend.

Incredibly, it get’s worse. A 38 second video of the graphic sexual assault was posted to Twitter last week by the perpetrators.

While speaking to CNN, the victim – who remains unidentified – said that she has little faith that the justice system will bring her attackers to justice.

“I knew there would be no justice, that I would be ashamed. In the first moment, I didn’t even want to tell my mom,” she said. “Now I am sure that if I was going through this alone it would be much worse.”

“I fell asleep and woke up in a completely different place, with a man under me, one on top of me and two holding me down, on my hands. Many people laughing at me, and I was drugged, out of it. Many people with guns, boys laughing and talking.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident.

In the centre of Rio de Janeiro, women carried signs that said ‘No means No’, ‘it is violence, not sex’ and ‘when I woke up, there were 30 men on top of me’.

There were similar protests in Sao Paulo where activists held signs stating, ‘my body is mine’, ‘rape, it’s not the victim’s fault’ and ‘your machismo kills’.

Via CNN.

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