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Kristen Wiig Wasn’t A Fan Of This Controversial ‘Bridesmaids’ Scene

“It was strongly suggested for us to put that in there"

If you’ve seen Bridesmaids, you’ll definitely have an opinion about *that* gross-out scene, which literally ends in the gutter. 

Yes, the one where Annie (Kristen Wiig), Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and her other bridesmaids break into sweats—and full blown food poisoning—during a wedding dress fitting.

The hilarious Megan (Melissa McCarthy) perches over a basin to relieve herself and Rudolph squats in the middle of the street as daintily as one can while wearing a wedding dress with uncontrollable food poisoning.

Wiig has opened up about the infamous food scene while appearing on the Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast. The star said the moment was not in the original script she co-wrote with Annie Mumolo wrote, which Paul Feig directed. 

“It was strongly suggested for us to put that in there. I didn’t want to see people shitting and puking,” she recounted.

“When people say, “Oh, we’re gonna give more female-centered movies a chance”, you’re not reading the fine print, which is, “Oh, but, they have to be like this.” They want to see women acting like guys,” she added.

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